How I Use My Table Saw

I cut all my joinery by hand, and I have a bandsaw for rip cuts.  I never use manufactured sheet goods, and I can crosscut accurately by hand.  This table saw hasn’t been turned on in years.

But it makes an excellent space for drying boards that I have cut out of salvaged logs.

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3 Responses to How I Use My Table Saw

  1. Do be careful. Tablesaws are dangerous. It looks like this one is about to tip over on you. 🙂

  2. Steve Massie says:

    I can concur, that makes an excellent use of a Table saw, and mine was used that way as well. I sold mine last Summer to Captjack it was a Jet 3hp cabinet saw which was in excellent condition. At the time I did not have space for it and truthfully with my physical limitations I was afraid of it.

    Since I have discovered Hand Tools I don’t miss it plus I do have a nice Bandsaw if needed.


  3. Yeah, one summer I worked second shift in an assembly facility that made (among other things) large wooden spools for cables. Part of the job required ripping short pieces of wood on a table saw, which had a blade guard but no fence. I quickly got smart enough to use a makeshift push-stick, but even though I never had an accident, that saw scared me. I’ve tried to avoid them ever since.

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