Another Woodworking Blog? Really?

Yes, another woodworking blog.  Why?  I started working wood only a few years ago, and I quickly began to chronicle my progress on WoodNet, a popular woodworking forum on which I am currently a moderator.  But WoodNet saves threads for only one year, and I wanted a place to publicly archive pictures and descriptions of my work.  And if I can help other woodworkers practice their craft a little better, then I will consider this blog a success.

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2 Responses to Another Woodworking Blog? Really?

  1. Jacky Griffin says:

    Just the photos on your blog (especially that first one) would put a well-known blog to shame. 🙂 Congrats on starting the blog. There can’t be too many from woodworkers who aren’t affiliated with commercial concerns, useful as those blogs may be.

  2. Thanks, Jacky. I will do my best to post only attractive and/or useful photos on this blog, and while you will normally see my work on WoodNet first, I will occasionally post other things here as I feel like it. I am a teacher by trade and by nature, so if I can help anyone learn a little more about working wood, I will.

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